Forget politics. This is personal.

To me, this job is more than a fancy title and party-line votes.

It’s a commitment to the people of Franklin, Greendale, and Greenfield.

Your Hometown Candidate
I was born in Greendale, and I’ve spent my entire life in the same house on Oakwood Street. I walked to school on our sidewalks and I had my first few jobs in our neighborhoods. Experience isn’t just a resume — it’s about facing the same challenges and fighting for the same opportunities as the people you want to represent.

The Value of Hard Work
My middle class family works hard: my father is a carpenter, and his dad was in the Milwaukee Carpenters Union. I paid for college by working three jobs — including one at McDonald’s for minimum wage. My grandfather always used to say, “Less talk, more action,” and I believe we need a leader in Madison who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and actually get things done.

A Lifelong Learner
Because of the amazing teachers in our public schools, I graduated from Greendale High School and earned a degree from Yale. One of my favorite teachers at GHS once told me, “You don’t have to be the smartest person in every room — just smart enough to know who is.”

Committed to Service
I served on the Greendale School Board, and every year I volunteer with a veterans organization to teach young men about our country’s values. I believe our state representative ought to show up and advocate for everyone — not just big donors and party insiders. I give out my personal phone number publicly because I want to hear from you and I don’t shy away from a good conversation even if we don’t agree.

I’m up for the challenge. Here’s why:



This is a full time job, and we need someone who will passionately do the job we all pay him to do.

  • Tackle real issues, not just fluff legislation.

  • Knock on your door — even after the campaign.

  • Read every bill and discuss every decision.

  • Attend as many community events as possible.

  • Encourage the Assembly to meet more often on important issues.

  • Take this role to new heights and help municipal leaders informally.

  • Help recruit and train more homegrown leaders to run for office.



I plan to always be available and transparent as I bring this job into the digital age.

  • Be on call — especially in a crisis.

  • Explain every vote.

  • Expand constituent services.

  • Speak with kids and engage high school students with legislative affairs.

  • Show up and put a face to the job.

  • Amplify community messages, events, and acts of service.

  • Reject harmful special interests.

  • Increase transparency.

  • Digitize the job of state representative.




I will reach out to everyone — regardless of political party — and show a real willingness to listen.

  • Cooperate with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

  • Listen to feedback at community meetings and gatherings.

  • Host regular coffee chats and town halls.

  • Do more to honor those who have made important accomplishments.

  • Involve key stakeholders in the legislative process.

  • Work more with out-of-district leaders to improve the whole region.

  • Create informal working groups of interested community members.


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