Forget politics. This is personal.

Your Hometown Candidate
I was born in Greendale, and I’ve spent my entire life in the same house on Oakwood Street. I walked to school on our sidewalks and I had my first few jobs in our neighborhoods. Experience isn’t just a resume — it’s about facing the same challenges and fighting for the same opportunities as the people you want to represent.

The Value of Hard Work
My middle class family works hard: my father is a carpenter, and his dad was in the Milwaukee Carpenters Union. I paid for college by working three jobs — including one at McDonald’s for minimum wage. My grandfather always used to say, “Less talk, more action,” and I believe we need a leader in Madison who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and actually get things done.

A Lifelong Learner
Because of the amazing teachers in our public schools, I graduated from Greendale High School and earned a degree from Yale. One of my favorite teachers at GHS once told me, “You don’t have to be the smartest person in every room — just smart enough to know who is.”

Committed to Service
I served on the Greendale School Board, and every year I volunteer with a veterans organization to teach young men about our country’s values. I believe our state representative ought to show up and advocate for everyone — not just big donors and party insiders. I give out my personal phone number publicly because I want to hear from you and I don’t shy away from a good conversation even if we don’t agree.

To me, this job is more than a fancy title and party-line votes.

It’s a commitment to the people of Franklin, Greendale, and Greenfield.


We take politics pretty seriously in Wisconsin. We vote in local elections, stay informed about the issues affecting our state, and play an important role in deciding who becomes the next president. This is a full time job, and we need someone who will passionately do the job we all pay him to do. Here’s how I’ll do it.


Wisconsinites can talk politics around the dinner table, at the grocery store, or at a barbecue. I plan to always be available and transparent as I bring this job into the digital age. Here’s how I’ll do it.


I was raised in a politically-diverse household — just like many of yours. My parents have different political views, and we had many passionate conversations over supper. I will reach out to everyone — regardless of political party — and show a real willingness to listen. Here’s how I’ll do it.



  • Tackle real issues, not just fluff legislation.

  • Knock on your door — even after the campaign.

  • Read every bill and discuss every decision.

  • Attend as many community events as possible.

  • Encourage the Assembly to meet more often on important issues.

  • Take this role to new heights and help municipal leaders informally.

  • Help recruit and train more homegrown leaders to run for office.



  • Be on call — especially in a crisis.

  • Explain every vote.

  • Expand constituent services.

  • Speak with kids and engage high school students with legislative affairs.

  • Show up and put a face to the job.

  • Amplify community messages, events, and acts of service.

  • Reject harmful special interests.

  • Increase transparency.

  • Digitize the job of state representative.



  • Cooperate with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

  • Listen to feedback at community meetings and gatherings.

  • Host regular coffee chats and town halls.

  • Do more to honor those who have made important accomplishments.

  • Involve key stakeholders in the legislative process.

  • Work more with out-of-district leaders to improve the whole region.

  • Create informal working groups of interested community members.


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