Keeping our communities safe

If you’re anything like me, you’ve felt worried, confused, and overwhelmed throughout this crisis. Some of our leaders have done nothing to help and choose to play politics while sacrificing our health. Ken has done nothing to help so far and provided us with no plan on how we should get back on track. It took him and his colleagues weeks to say anything — with no leadership from Ken himself.

We spent time creating this resource because this is what you should expect of your assemblyman. Your representative should be a dependable, consistent, and empathetic voice when you need him most.

We’re going to have more new challenges in the years ahead, and the same old politics are clearly not prepared to handle them. Here’s what I’d be doing to ensure our neighbors stays safe and receive the relief they need — let’s see if Ken is listening.

During the Crisis

  • Use my position to push relief bills and resolutions through the State Assembly which help us immediately, including:

    • Quit playing politics and facilitate the purchase of materials, like ventilators and N95 masks, which will save lives.

    • Aid to small business owners who have had their operations shut down.

    • Mandatory operating hours for essential businesses to serve at-risk individuals.

    • Relief for small and local dairy farmers to ensure they remain in business.

    • Mandate free delivery option for any eligible service and compensate businesses for lost delivery fees.

    • An agency to serve our most-affected individuals (veterans, seniors, etc) after the crisis and ensure they receive full compensation and access to state services.

  • Guarantee that all COVID-19 aid is directed to those who need it most — not out-of-state corporations or multi-millionaires.

  • Host digital conversations with experts so we can hear the local information we need.

  • Hold a digital town hall to address constituents’ questions and concerns.

  • Donate my legislative salary during the crisis to local organizations that need relief.

  • Create daily videos updating the community on the situation in Madison and what Governor Evers is doing.

  • Livestream a press conference with local municipal leaders on the ways COVID-19 is specifically affecting Franklin, Greendale, and Greenfield.

  • Meet (digitally) with restaurants and other small businesses to hear their concerns and the best ways to advocate for their ideas.

  • Help coordinate all communication about essential services for Franklin, Greendale, and Greenfield.

After the Crisis

  • Use my position to push legislation which addresses the long-term effects of COVID-19 and protects our community from other challenges in the future:

    • Establish a Wisconsin Commission on COVID-19 to analyze our state’s response to the pandemic and set guidelines for future responses.

    • Increase permanent wage for “essential” business owners and their employees.

    • Compensate all COVID-19 responders with loan forgivenesses, tax credits, or higher-education scholarships.

    • Protect Wisconsin dairy farmers from supply shocks .

    • Reorganize Wisconsin State Assembly to allow meetings and votes by phone to enhance bureaucratic and legislative speed during a crisis.

    • Develop ways to deliver more state services by mail.

    • Explore ways to increase access to the ballot box.

  • Meet with local business owners to discover creative ways to help recover losses from COVID-19

  • Highlight the courageous essential workers from our community, and find a way to honor them in Madison.

  • Create our own local commission on COVID-19 with leaders from Franklin, Greendale, and Greenfield to draft our own report on the community’s response to the pandemic.

  • Host a community conversation in each municipality to hear directly from residents about the ways the state could have responded to COVID-19 better and what they’d like to see done in response.

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