Small Businesses

And the Economy

A Competitive Economy, Thriving Small Businesses, and Strong Consumer Protection

I’m the son of a carpenter, and my dad always told me to use the right tool for the job. Our State Assembly should be putting its tools to work to raise revenue and stimulate the economy — not to further burden the middle class. From the irresponsible handling of Foxconn to his missed vote on workers compensation, it's easy to see that Ken has no plan for our state. The backbone of our economy are local small business owners and middle class taxpayers. As your assemblyman, I promise to put those people first.

Policy Vision:

  • Wisconsin is an attractive destination for college graduates, entrepreneurs, and anyone else looking to contribute to and expand our economy:

    • Protect Wisconsin hourly wage earners and raise their take-home pay to at least $15/hr to be more competitive with surrounding states and indexed to inflation to account for the rising cost of living.

    • Offer college loan forgiveness programs for graduates who make Wisconsin their home and place of work.

    • Provide more assistance to individuals who are looking to foster or adopt children from the Wisconsin orphanage system.

    • Help future home-owners buy their first property in Wisconsin and increase rental assistance to tenants

    • Direct development funding to municipalities looking to attract young families or entrepreneurs.

    • Expand Wisconsin Statute 67.12 to allow for municipalities to temporarily borrow in anticipation of an increased tax base created by new residents.

    • Study the policies of neighboring states in order to discover our competitive advantage in the Midwest and opportunities that exist for areas of improvement.

  • A strong Wisconsin economy is built on supporting our local small business owners:

    • Close the “dark store loophole” to ensure big corporations pay their fair share.

    • Offer more financial assistance to small, local businesses that need to cover start-up costs.

    • Leverage more support from the national small business organizations to help local entrepreneurs access every resource at their disposal.

    • Cover the incremental cost of energy-efficient infrastructure to save small businesses money in the long-run and protect our environment.

    • Partner more community organizations/non-profits with small businesses to mutually strengthen the missions of both entities.

    • Create a “Job Now, Job Later” program so that local businesses can afford to pay for the continued education of critical employees and maintain their employment afterwards.

  • In our state, product safety is a priority, and companies cannot take advantage of consumers:

    • Strengthen, fund, and modernize DATCP to help protect consumers from scams and shady business practices.

    • Bolster honest advertising guidelines and fervently pursue companies who use predatory or deceptive advertisements.

    • Communicate product safety guidelines, warnings, and recalls through a more modern and streamlined method.

    • Adapt predatory pricing guidelines to further protect small business owners looking to remain competitive.

    • Restrict Wisconsin’s dangerous payday loan services, which are some of the worst in the country, by eliminating fees and capping the interest rate under a broad definition.

    • Study markets across the state to ensure that companies are not locally price-gouging consumers for essentials during emergency and non-emergency periods.

  • We raise revenue in a responsible and creative way in order to afford strong state programs while reducing the tax burden on the middle class:

    • Aim to provide direct tax relief to the middle class while securing every tax dollar owed by large companies.

    • Say no to tax breaks and regulation-loosening for foreign corporations looking to take advantage of hard-working Wisconsinites.

    • Reject increasing regressive tax schemes — like a  a gas tax — which disproportionately impact citizens.

    • Offer tax rebates for activities and behaviors which positively impact our neighbors and communities — like driving a clean vehicle or utilizing green energy.

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