Smart, Safe, and

Supported Schools

As someone who benefited greatly from our public schools, I know personally that they are a point of pride for us — we must work to protect and actively improve education. Our current state assemblyman didn't even show up to vote on tuition assistance to farmers, suicide prevention in schools, or the health and safety center. We need someone who not only values our schools, but who also puts forth a modern vision of how every kid can succeed.

Policy Vision:

  • Starting early, we prepare students to become future leaders without over-testing or removing face time in the classroom.

  • Our children learn safely, and their schools promote and teach community and civic values:

    • Invest in and support character education programs locally.

    • Work with community groups to address equity and diversity in our schools.

    • Expand opportunities for community service and non-profit work while incentivizing middle and high school students to participate.

    • Commit substantial resources to addressing mental health and work with districts to design positive school environments.

    • Strengthen anti-bullying laws and work with local groups to build community among students.

    • Redesign the high school civics test (required for graduation) so that it actually informs and teaches graduates about how to respect others and engage in their communities.

  • Every high school student graduates and pursues an individualized post-secondary option regardless of their income level:

    • Enable school districts to develop local standards for high school graduation​​.

    • Develop a program to partner local businesses with individual students looking to begin working after high school.

    • Facilitate stronger partnerships between military recruiters and local high schools.

    • Incentivize colleges and universities from around the world to visit Wisconsin high schools.

    • Expose high school students to more post-secondary opportunities and better align those opportunities with the standards for our high schools.

    • Make technical school even more appealing by lowering costs and increasing access for high school students.

  • The UW system is the best public university network in the country and encourages graduates to stay in Wisconsin:

    • Fund UW schools and lower the cost for Wisconsin applicants.

    • Expand scholarships to Wisconsin colleges and universities for academic, athletic, or extracurricular merit, like the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship.

    • Find more ways to deliver need-based aid for committed Wisconsin residents.

    • Encourage UW graduates to start their careers, businesses, and families in Wisconsin.

  • The best teachers and administrators come from across the country to teach in Wisconsin public schools:

    • Re-think Wisconsin teacher licensing requirements to better align them with our neighbors while maintaining their rigor and high expectations.

    • Increase teacher pay and benefits while developing fair, attainable, and predictable salary structures to evaluate the staff in our public schools.

    • Work with local districts to encourage high school students to pursue teaching after graduation.

    • Work with school counselors to create a dynamic post-high school plan for every student.

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