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Good Government

and Fair Elections

At Badger Boys State, I teach that in Wisconsin, we value a fair political process and leaders who listen to us. Over the past few years, we’ve seen how politicians like Ken play dirty politics to keep their positions. Furthermore, our elected leaders often hide their notes and close their meetings, leaving their constituents in the dark. We must treat our democracy with the same respect it was founded on, and we must ensure that leaders in Madison do the same.

Policy Vision:

  • Wisconsin’s campaign finance system limits the influence of big money and empowers small-dollar local donors:

    • Redesign Wisconsin’s Campaign Finance Information System to be more readable and indexable, with all campaign finance forms published in spreadsheet form.

    • Create a system where political campaigns must disclose if they receive a contribution from any individual or organization which donates a significant amount of money to multiple races.

    • Require campaigns to report whether or not an individual is a registered lobbyist or state contractor.

    • Further increase campaign reporting obligations or expenditure limits as part of a new “Wisconsin Clean Elections” certification.

    • Research and report on a Wisconsin Public Financing option for campaigns, similar to what already exists in Minnesota, with a matching funds tax rebate.

  • Our political map is finally free of gerrymandering and outside influence and does not favor either political party unfairly:

    • Form a bipartisan, transparent, and accountable commission charged with redistricting every ten years, similar to 14 other states.

    • This commission will be equally composed of both major political parties and will be formed by the legislature.

    • All commission meetings will be livestreamed and open to the public.

    • The maps drafted by the commission will be reviewed by the legislature and then sent to the Governor for signature.

  • We can easily keep track of our legislators and their donors, and any public meeting or document is easy to access or view digitally:

    • Mandate Wisconsin Statements of Economic Interest for state legislators to be digitized, accessible, and indexable without needing a request.

    • Encourage and support moving all public meetings at every level of government to be livestreamed, with audio and video, and archived publicly online.

    • Provide more time for public comment on proposed legislation and publish meeting agendas earlier.

    • Improve the Wisconsin State Legislature website to make it easier to see what bills are being created, debated, and voted on.

  • The legislative process in Wisconsin returns to the storied tradition of the Wisconsin Idea, where experts and academics innovate in order to help everyday residents:

    • Increase legislative oversight on appointments made by the Governor.

    • Ensure that all executive agencies are staffed with mission-oriented experts — not partisan ideologues

    • Hire and fairly support legislative staff who are experts on their communities and on the issues.

    • Give internships to students who are residents of the district first, and fairly subsidize internships to provide a more equitable and educational experience.

    • Collaborate more with state legislators from other states to push forward the best ideas more efficiently

    • Adjust initiatives and referendums so that they are more people-focused and reflect citizen-specific issues.

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