Fairness, Equality

And Justice

A Fair State for Everyone

In Wisconsin, everyone deserves a fair shot. Right now certain communities are far more likely to face discrimination, violence, or other threats to their rights. Our current state assemblyman sponsored an anti-Muslim bill in 2017, and this reflects poorly on all of us. I will continue to listen to the ideas of everyone in our community and fight for justice for all -- this should not be a partisan issue.

Some of the ideas listed below could fit under healthcare, education, jobs, or any other policy category because this is a civil rights issue and cuts across every part of society. This policy list is not comprehensive, but begins to tackle identity- and ability-based discrimination in actionable and legislative steps.

Policy Vision:

  • Our communities develop a positive, trusted, and accountable relationship with police departments, and residents feel like officers are tasked with protecting and supporting every member of our community:

    • Support AB 1012, which protects everyone from the unlawful use of force and shields our most vulnerable from unfair treatment by law enforcement.

    • Demilitarize police departments and keep weapons of war out of our communities, which are shown to make policing more violent

    • Develop a program to notify all Wisconsin police departments when an officer is fired in order to protect good cops.

    • Regulate police body camera usage to protect the right to privacy while maintaining the system of accountability

    • Further protect the right to record law enforcement in order to increase trust between police and the community, like Colorado HB 15-1290.

    • Solidify our 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination by prohibiting police departments from using biometric data to unlock personal electronic devices

    • Fund independent commissions to publicly investigate complaints against officers to ensure fair treatment and accountability.

    • Establish a Special Prosecutor tasked with investigating and prosecuting any case that involves  police officers killing a civilian.

    • Solicit more community feedback on local police departments.

    • Train officers in relationship-based and community policing and educate police departments on implicit and unconscious bias.

    • Work with police unions to develop fair contracts and promote the good hiring of dedicated officers.

  • Wisconsin is a place where we correct injustice, support communities of color, and include all people in a coalition moving forward:

    • Support school districts in educating K-12 students about race and civil rights.

    • Elevate local leaders of color in our community and empower their voices and perspectives on every policy area.

    • Establish grants for local municipalities to host workshops and other community events about the history of race in Wisconsin.

    • Build out state/municipal ID to include every resident of Wisconsin and increase buy-in to our communities, reduce crime, and ensure everyone is paying their fair share.

  • Our state ends discrimination and hateful policies, supports folks in the gender identity and sexual orientation minority and treats them just like everyone else:

    • Ensure all Wisconsinites have adequate access to essential family planning services.

    • Invest in educational and career opportunities for young women by encouraging engagement with STEM and other male-dominated fields.

    • Reform our family law system to better protect survivors of domestic violence and their children.

    • Ban conversion therapy.

    • Protect students with anti-bullying laws specifically protecting sexual orientation and gender identity.

    • Ensure private health insurance may not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

    • Remove theoretical risk of HIV transmission as an aggravating factor.

    • Prohibit “panic defense” and expand hate crime legislation to protect gender identity.

    • End discriminatory crediting and lending laws which can unfairly deny credit to LGBTQ individuals.

    • Allow individuals to correct identifying documents to accurately reflect gender identity.

  • Persons with disabilities have equal access to and equal opportunities in our community to persons without disabilities:

    • Ask for input and substantial feedback on public policy from disability rights activists and persons with disabilities and their families

    • Fully support a robust complaint process with adequate oversight to achieve quality, accessibility, and safety of all public and private services.

    • Encourage new technology, like autonomous vehicles, and design it with equitable access for persons with disabilities.

    • Increase state special education funding in line with the Governor’s proposal, which saves money for taxpayers.

    • Include disaggregated data about disability for all measurements of public policy to ensure programs meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

    • Protect the right to vote by enforcing accessibility requirements and providing access to nonpartisan information about the voting process, parties, and candidates.

    • Make all of my events and communications -- both official and campaign-related -- completely accessible to everyone.

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