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We need to invest in the health of our community: if our neighbors aren't healthy, none of us will be able to thrive. It’s common sense that a healthy community is more productive, and it’s human nature to look out for each other. Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing or expensive if our leaders put forward a better vision and treat it as something that everyone deserves. Let’s expand coverage, lower the cost of services and prescription drugs, and modernize healthcare to address the greatest challenges of 2020. As your state assemblyman, I will fight for a healthcare system that makes sense and keeps our community healthy.

Policy Vision:

  • In Wisconsin, anyone who feels sick can visit their doctor — no questions asked:

    • Take advantage of all federal dollars offered to Wisconsin in order to lower the costs for everyone.

    • Dismantle the lame-duck legislation that prevents our state from receiving COVID-19 aid and other federal resources.

    • Support community health centers and municipal public health departments to better deliver local care.

    • Simplify insurance so that every resident has the ability to get the care they need.

  • Beyond primary care, every resident can access and afford the services and prescriptions they need:

    • Place a cap on the price of insulin, epinephrine, and other essential medications that many residents need to survive.

    • Work toward lower prices for other prescription drugs and find ways to produce generic drugs faster.

    • Ensure that generic drugs are priced fairly and competitively.

    • Eliminate confusing paperwork associated with ancillary services and simplify payment schemes.

    • Find more ways to develop the programs we already know are effective, like BadgerCare Plus, SeniorCare, and NeedyMeds.

  • Prioritize the opioid crisis and direct new research toward tackling this threat:

    • Work with local faith and health leaders to study how opioids uniquely affect different communities​.

    • Modify and expand training requirements for first responders involving the care and treatment of drug overdoses.

    • Expand the NARCAN Direct program to more community health organizations.

    • Organize smaller, local DHS Opioid Forums to deliver quality information directly to our communities.

    • Investigate more preventative approaches, especially with our young people and high-risk individuals.

  • We protect our most at-risk groups from exploitation and deliver them quality care:

    • Strengthen healthcare watchdog services which monitor, report, and regulate the care we provide our seniors, children, people with disabilities, expectant families, and single parents.

    • Change income thresholds on SeniorCare so that more seniors are covered with lower copays and increased access to care.

  • Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services is prepared to handle the new challenges we face in 2020:

    • Reevaluate Wisconsin’s response to the pandemic and ensure that DHS is prepared to deal with other cases of infectious disease in the future.

    • Digitize all potential resources and update programming to match the needs of 2020.

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