Our Roadmap for the First Two Years:

Take a science-based, people-first approach to pandemic recovery.  

Invest in public education and lower the cost of technical school.  

Accept federal Medicaid dollars and make prescription drugs cheaper.

Reduce the burden of property taxes by closing the dark store loophole.

Fund a mental health counselor for every school district.

While our community was losing multiple young people to suicide last fall, the State Assembly held six votes on suicide prevention. Ken Skowronski didn't show up to any of them. We don't know why.

After his party lost a statewide election, they stripped the incoming governor of power. Now, that same bill is restricting Medicaid and federal COVID-19 stimulus money. Ken Skowronski voted for it in the middle of the night. We don't know why.

Instead of finding a real solution to the election on April 7th, the politicians in Madison made it harder for people to vote. A real leader would have found a compromise. Ken Skowronski forced us to choose between our health and our vote.

We don't know why.


It's time our state representative did something.

Let me show you how I will.



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The Environment

Clean up Madison


Fairness, Equality, and Justice

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