Defending Veterans

and their Families

I hear one thing over and over again from the veterans in our community: we can do more. The federal VA is underfunded and poorly-staffed, and while Wisconsin’s programs might be better than some, we should be fighting harder for those who fought for us. No matter what issue we are facing, let’s always remember how it might uniquely affect our veterans and their families. Our community deserves an assemblyman who is willing to put forward a complete vision for our veterans and who has a plan to address modern challenges like PTSD and suicide.

Policy Vision:

  • To make up for federal shortcomings, Wisconsin’s Department of Veterans Affairs provides stronger services immediately and communicates its offerings effectively:

    • Expand the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to qualify veterans for an additional amount of fee-remitted credit hours after successful and exemplary completion of the first 128 hours.

    • Strengthen the Military Lending Act in Wisconsin to further lower the interest rate cap on payday loans to service members.

    • Design a civilian ASVAB to test career skills of service members and accredit this test for certain educational or career programs for veterans.

    • Provide more career counseling immediately after service in order to set veterans on path towards employment and success.

    • Communicate all services and access changes clearly and through a state-wide phone number available 24/7.

    • Partner with community groups to build increased fellowship and provide them with the tools they need to expand their reach.

  • Veterans receive care for the modern challenges which face their community, like mental health and access to essential medical care:

    • Develop a strong partnership with universities and hospitals across the state to encourage research on the mental health of service members.

    • Establish a guarantee of quality and timely care for our veterans tackling PTSD and other mental health issues.

  • Our state takes better care of the families of veterans:

    • Adjust the Wisconsin G.I Bill eligibility requirement for spouses and children to partially or fully subsidize certain educational opportunities regardless of disability status.

    • Find ways to incorporate spouses and dependents into many of the current services we offer our veterans, like counseling, prescription drug prices, and state fee waivers.

    • Explore more avenues to bolster the income of working military spouses with dependents

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