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I’ve spent some time putting together a people-first vision that directly responds to the conversations I’ve been having on the campaign trail. This is my home, and I want to make Madison work for us — no matter how big or small our challenges are. Your assemblyman should be your personal connection to the state government and help address the issues that matter to you. As always, reach out if you’ve got a local issue you’d like to see someone try to solve. I’ll update this page as I hear from you! 

Policy Vision:

  • Dark store loophole:

    • Big companies need to pay their fair share, and the dark store loophole is just another example of the exploitation so many small local business owners go through. Let’s permanently close the dark store loophole and work to shift the tax burden onto those who can afford it.

  • Quarry-blasting regulations:

    • It’s a shame that for so long, Franklin residents have had to deal with constant disruption from industry in the area. Here’s my plan:

      • Clarify the regulations. There seems to be some confusion among everyone about procedures, monitoring, and reporting. Let’s issue a joint communication to all affected residents to set the record straight.

      • Survey general feedback from affected residents. Send out a questionnaire to every home in the general vicinity and create a thorough report on comments about the quarry.

      • Convene a meeting with all stakeholders. Let’s get representation from the Quarry Monitoring Committee, Payne & Dolan Inc, the DNR, the affected neighborhoods, and your state assemblyman. The meeting is to publicly debate and cooperate around new regulations and guidelines which appeal to all parties.

      • Amend regulations at the state level. After a productive meeting, your assemblyman pushes for updated quarry-blasting guidelines.

    • Bottom line: Reasonable people can come up with a reasonable compromise that maintains the jobs and economic activity of the quarry while protecting the health, wellness, and sanity of its neighbors.

  • Diversity and equity in our public schools:

    • For every school district in our state, we need to make sure we value the perspective, contributions, and experience of everyone — regardless of identity or background. Let’s continue to raise awareness about issues of equity, promote diversity of background and thought within our schools, and make sure we intentionally make space for traditionally-marginalized voices.

  • Voting in Wisconsin:

    • The election on April 7th was a masterclass in everything that can go wrong with voting. While maintaining the integrity and security of the ballot box, Wisconsin must research and explore ways to increase voter registration and election participation, including automatic voter registration, more vote by mail options, and expanded access for absentee voting. Let's also replicate legislation recently passed in Iowa which registers our young people earlier and lets them vote in a primary if they’ll be 18 years old at the general election.

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